Dear Parents/Carers,

Changes to the Arrangement of our Tutorial System

At Teign School we wish to ensure that all our students make excellent progress and leave with outstanding achievements and outcomes as well as being well rounded individuals who are able to contribute positively to society.

We regularly assess and evaluate our systems and processes to ensure that we are providing children with the best possible education. As part of this process it has been decided to move to a horizontal tutoring system which will support more strategic, age related pastoral care and teaching and learning. Tutorial time will be better tailored to meet age related, age appropriate guidance and year specific information.

From September, students will be placed in tutor groups with their own year group. A Head of Year will be the central person with the oversight of the year group working with tutors and teachers to support their tutees.

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships between staff and students at Teign and wish to strengthen this as we move forward. Our Houses will remain as an integral part of our Teign culture and student identity. Retaining strong links for students to mix between year groups will remain through several mechanisms including inter-house competitions, assemblies, sport’s day and peer mentoring schemes.

Our vision is that through this system we will better develop the whole child, providing caring pastoral support, enabling children to feel safe, secure and respected. Tutors will be better able to act as guide, mentor and first point of contact for parents with all children from the same years in the same group. We also feel we will be better positioned to provide high quality career guidance and academic support.

Tutor time is a 20 minute lesson every day. It is important we build on the current strengths so students have the full benefit of the tutorial programme.

This will include:
• Learning how to learn and developing study skills
• Developing the ‘best’ mind-set to approach their education and life
• An understanding of where the strengths and areas for development are across subjects and having subject specific targets to help improvements and tutors to have the oversight of their academic achievement
• Students taking responsibility for themselves in relation to their learning, their attendance, attitudes to school, ambition and drive – being ‘ready to learn’

• Being prepared for their next steps and ultimately the world of work
• Fostering a sense of community, active participation in charity and cooperation with others
• Learning tolerance, respect and how to interact supportively with one another within the school, embracing and upholding British values
• Learning about keeping safe and keeping healthy
• Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development

Your child has been informed about these changes in school and over the next few weeks we will inform everyone of their new Head of Year, tutor group and tutor. Please be assured that the current Heads of House and tutors will work together to consider how the new groups are put together to get the optimum mix of children. We will endeavour to ensure that all children will be placed with a friend.

If you have any further questions or wish to have more information then please do not hesitate to contact me on

Yours sincerely
Suzannah Wharf