Democracy in Action at Teign School

Teign School’s Student Council is a good example of how young people can actively engage in democracy. With the Council elections a big talking point this May, some school age students may feel they don’t get their say. At Teign school, the elected body of 19 students aged 11-16, are able to make their opinions count (and represent their year groups) as part of the school’s decision-making process.

In the new year, as part of Teign’s Democracy week, students from all year groups voted for who they wanted to stand as their Year group representatives from a number of candidates. The results were officially counted and declared by the students on 22nd January and the new School Council met up for the first time on the 28th. Tutor groups are asked what they would like to be discussed at the monthly meetings and Council reps feedback to the tutor groups any outcomes from the meetings.

Examples of agenda items this year include: uniform amendments, fundraising ideas, school planners, new clubs ideas and the provision of lockers. School Council students also get involved with interviewing prospective new staff at the school.

Year 8 student, Saffron Mitchell said “Being on the School Council is a great opportunity. We make good decisions on behalf of the school and make sure student’s opinions are voiced. Our ideas have raised a lot of money for charities such as Comic Relief and HiTS this year.”




Jack Broom (Year 7) and Saffron Mitchell (Year 8) during a meeting

Student Council facilitator, Assistant Head Teacher Lucie Wagner

Year 10 students Maisie McGibben and Katie Brown discuss an agenda item