Teign ‘Try’-athlon!

On the sunny morning of 14th May, 84 students from years 7 to 9 took part in Teign school’s annual Tri-Athlon.  This running, swimming and cycling event tested the fittest of students and left them proud of what they had achieved. They had to apply their best mindset to try their hardest in three very different disciplines.

Stand out performances of the morning came from the following students:

Year 7 Girls 1st Hattie McGibben, 2nd Mae Haines, 3rd Keira Anthony

Year 7 Boys 1st Charlie Dawson, 2nd Reuben Colwill-Parker, 3rd Sam Lees

Year 8 Girls 1st Jasmine Butt & Leonie-Mae Williams, 3rd Keryn Holter

Year 8 Boys 1st Luke Pascoe, 2nd Archie Hadley, 3rd George Hogarth

Year 9 Boys 1st Toby Pascoe, 2nd Jack Warren, 3rd Liam Boyce

“The Tri-athlon is the most challenging event in the PE calendar,” said Teacher of PE Tom Mercy ”this event teaches the students that the greater the obstacle the more glory there is in overcoming it.”

Left to right – Year 8 Boy winners Archie Hadley, Luke Pascoe and George Hogarth

Left to right – Year 8 Girl winners Leonie-Mai Williams, Keryn Holter and Jasmine Butt

Left to right – Year 7 Boy winners Reuben Colwill-Parker, Charlie Dawson and Sam Lees

Left to right – Year 7 Girl winners Mae Haines, Hattie McGibben and Keira Anthony


Left to right – Year 9 Boy winners Jack Warren, Toby Pascoe and Liam Boyce