Congratulations to the 42 students from Years 7 & 8 (listed below) who have read over a million words since September 2018! These students have really excelled in their reading and will be presented with a certificate, a gold star millionaire lapel badge and prize in the last few weeks of term. Of particular note are the two Year 7s, Zac and Caitlin, who read over 6 million and 5.5 million words respectively. They both beat the ‘most words ever read in a year’ record at Teign!

In addition, all students in Years 7 & 8 who hit their individual reading target will also be celebrated during their last reading lessons of the term. These student receive epraise points and little gift for their effort with reading this term. Students are encouraged to keep reading over the summer (and into the future) both for their education and well-being.

Number of          Student Name

Words read

6,298,119            Zac L

5,651,278            Caitlin H

4,619,829            Emma P

4,087,161            Ava K

3,614,452            Eliza K

3,482,265            Zoe A

3,086,093            Luke S

2,927,651            Harriet T

2,885,258            Hattie M

2,737,533            Emily R

2,600,913            Jemma B

2,565,625            Louann C

2,476,572            Ellen J

2,307,056            Hannah P

2,131,224            Emelia S

1,981,900            Saffron M

1,910,191            Declan J

1,776,070            Trinity F

1,750,145            Francesca P

1,728,406            Keira E

1,702,103            Kaya R

1,695,909            Ella M

1,688,771            Louis B

1,576,735            Dominic O

1,532,212            Lennon F

1,523,672            Holly B

1,521,657            Harry W

1,514,017            Joseph H

1,485,173            Emily P

1,375,898            Matilda U

1,347,666            Sophie P

1,334,877            Zak W

1,328,709            Joseph K

1,262,939            Lily H

1,244,350            Charlie D

1,221,693            Isabel S

1,212,251            Jamie L

1,132,663            Finlay C

1,116,684            Tegan W

1,109,695            Victoria F

1,037,090            Adam S

1,004,854            Kit C


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