Teign School’s Mock Election – The Votes Are Now Counted!

Votes have now been counted at Teign School following their Mock Election on Thursday 12th June. The results from the 756 student votes cast declared the Liberal Democrats as the first past the post (receiving 40% of the votes), Labour came second (22%), Green third (20%) and lastly the Conservatives (18%). This is a very different result from Teign’s 2017 Mock Election in which Labour won (43%), Greens came second (24%), Conservative third (21%) and Liberal Democrats took up the rear (with 12% of the vote).

The staff vote this year came out as follows:

1st Labour (44%),  2nd Green (28%),  3rd Lib. Dem. (19%) &  4th Conservative (3%)

Students went to the polls in their morning registration tutor bases. During the week they had already watched a video summarising the policies of the 4 parties (created by Year 12 and 13 Politics students). Posters showing manifesto policies were also put up around school to help students decide how to vote.

The votes split according to Year group were then counted in the school hall by a team of students from the Student Council and A level Maths and Politics classes.

The official announcement of the results above will take place to staff and students at 1.45pm on 13th December by Returning Officer (Headteacher) Suzannah Wharf. Students are already speculating about the result!

Headteacher Suzannah Wharf said:

“Democracy is at the heart of British values. Therefore empowering, engaging, promoting and educating our students about the election process and the different viewpoints of the main political parties is an essential part of becoming an adult and being ‘Ready for the world’ beyond school, one of our core principles. I am delighted at the enthusiasm and passion for politics that our young people demonstrated and am very proud that our students were able to take part in this opportunity and develop the strength of student leadership within Teign School.”

Event organiser, Teacher of Politics Katherine Evans stated:

“Young people are more passionate than ever about what is happening in politics. The A level Politics group wanted to give all students the chance to participate fully in exercising what will be their right to vote. The experience for the students to listen to key manifesto pledges from political parties and decide on a stance has really given them a sense of importance.”



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