On Friday 24th January, Teign students came off their normal timetables to take part in a programme of activities aimed at preparing our students for the wider world.

Head teacher Suzannah Wharf said:

“The breadth of enrichment activities offered to our students this January was absolutely fabulous. ‘Next Steps South West’ organised for the whole of our Year 10 cohort to visit Exeter University. This hugely positive opportunity showed the students possibilities for their futures. Talking to the many employers who came into school to work with our Year 11s on interview skills, I was delighted with their comments. They felt our students were mature, thoughtful, enthusiastic and well prepared for the challenges of the day. Other year groups became immersed in PSHE activities aimed at keeping them safe and preparing them for the wider world. Thank you to the staff, visitors and professionals who planned and delivered such a successful day”


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