Year 7 Sparx Maths


Homework at Teign School is shared via This makes students’ homework easily accessible to both students and parents. Below are some guides to get you started.

Parent Guide Epraise.pdf


Go to and click on Login

Find your school and make sure you’re on the Parents tab

Log in using your email and password


Got to My Children and select Planner. If you have more than one child at the school you will see a drop down box where you can select which child’d planner you would like to view. On the right hand side of the page you will see some display options and key indicating what the different coloured squares on each homework means.


Use the up and down arrows to view different weeks. When you want to look at the homework note in full simply click on the box to expand it.


The way that your school uses epraise will determine the information you can see on each note. You will see the due date and what type of note it is but you may also be able to see grades that have been shared too.


This is another way to view your child’s homework. Go to My Children and then select the child that you want to look at. You will be taken to their profile and you should be able to see a tab along the right called Classnotes. You can filter the information shown by using the options on the right hand side.


You should be able to see a new quicklink icon on the top right of your screen. The calendar icon will take you straight to the Planner view.


Your first point of contact will always be the school as they can verify your identity. They will let us know if there is any issue we need to deal with.