Behaviour at Teign School has been graded as good in previous Ofsted Inspections.

We believe that learning and behaviour at Teign School should be outstanding.

Recent students behaviour questionnaires and feedback indicated that the students wanted to be able to concentrate on learning without disruptions.

We are committed to ensuring high standards of behaviour.

Letter to parents – November 2017

Ready to Learn – Parents’ Guide



To maintain a culture of achievement, ambition and learning everywhere in the school, and ensure no learning time is ever wasted.

To provide complete clarity for all staff and students about behaviour standards and the consequences of misbehaviour.

To encourage all students ti take responsibility for their own actions.

To facilitate teachers to deliver engaging and creative lessons



1 – Try your hardest in everything you do. Do not give up. Be positive

2 – Arrive on time for all lessons, registration and assemblies. Arrive at school with the correct equipment and uniform.

3 – Follow instruction from all staff (including sanctions) without question or argument

4 – Listen respectfully when others are talking – do not shout out or interrupt

5 – Follow all seating arrangements. Focus on your work and do not distract others

6 – Speak to staff and students respectfully and with kindness at all times

7 – Have high standards of behaviour, including on your way to and from school. Keep ‘off task’ conversations for social times only

8 – Celebrate the success of others and encourage each other to achieve high standards

9 – Ensure that any electronic devices are switched off and in your bag at all times of the day and whilst on the school site.

10 – Respect the environments. Put litter in the bin. Move around the school quietly and on the left and side of corridors and stairs. Do not eat or drink in lessons. No gum in school.


Students will show they are 'Ready to Learn' by adhering to the 'Teign Ten'

At Teign School, we expect everyone to behave with respect for each other and the school site at all times. That means arring on time, walking around the school calmly and quietly, respecting each other’s space and looking out for each other.

Our ‘PDT’ (Pastoral detentions) enable us to address any behaviour which doesn’t meet our high standards.

If a student is issued a pastoral detention they are given a ‘PDT reminder card’ and serve a 20 minute lunchtime detention. A daily list to remind students is printed on the wall outside Student Services.



If a student in Years 7 – 11 does not follow the Teign Ten, a member of staff will tell them that they have had a ‘warning’ and their name will be written on the board. If they have to be spoken to for a second time, they will be sent to the Improvement Room (IR) for one school day, including a same day hour long detention from 3.15pm until 4.15pm, and their parents or carers will be contacted. Break and lunch times are spent in the IR (students are always able to get food if needed) and suitable, subject specific work is always provided.

For Post-16 students they will be asked to leave the class and go to the Sixth Form work room for the remainder of that lesson.



If a member of staff asks a student to do something reasonable, they are expected to do it. If they do not immediately do what has been asked, the member of staff may say “This is a reasonable request. Are you choosing not to follow it?”

If they refuse, or walk away, they will be sent straight to the IR for one school day including an after school detention. 



Teign is committed to maintaining our restorative practices.

If a member of staff send a student to the Improvement room, they are expected to phone home at the end of the day to discuss the behaviour with parents.

Before the students return to class, the member of staff will have a restorative conversation with them to ensure a positive fresh start



Will I have to stay until 4.15pm the same day if I am sent to the isolation room?

Yes – we will contact your parents to let them know.

What do I do if I feel I have been unfairly treated?

Speak to a member of staff – we will always listen and if we think you have been unfairly treated we will act on your behalf.

This new system seems really strict - why?

In different surveys completed by students, results indicated that whilst most students behave well a minority do not. This makes learning difficult at times. We always want the best for you and want you to succeed. This system is designed to help all students learn and be successful.

How do we celebrate success?

Awards Evening
Student of the Month
epraise auctions and shop
Tutor awards
Cakes with the head
Postcards home
with more to come!…

What is epraise?

epraise is an online rewards system where teachers can give you points to celebrate what you are doing well!
These points add up and can be put towards prizes
You can log in to epraise, see your points and cash out your prizes
There’s even an app!