Welcome to all Year 6 pupils and their parents/carers.

The transition from Primary to Secondary School can be an exciting but unsettling time for both pupils and their families. It is our aim that your child will experience a smooth and enjoyable transition. To enable this to happen we have put together a programme giving you all the key dates in this process. Please use the website to answer some of the questions you may have.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and supporting you throughout your time at Teign School.


In Lessons

Students should be mannerly at all times. They should be punctual to lessons and not talk when the teacher is talking.


Students should walk in and out of the assembly venue in silence with their tutor group and form tutor.


Remember to dismount at the gate. Bikes must be walked to the cycle racks and locked up. Bikes, scooters or mopeds are NOT to be ridden in school.

Movement around the School

Students should walk quietly between lessons, keeping to the left hand side of corridors and stairs.

Lunch Bases

Each Year group has their own base with sandwich rooms to eat in, quiet rooms to study in and general social rooms to spend time with friends.

Personal Property

Students should take care of their belongings and not bring expensive items into school


Students should use break or lunchtime to use the toilet – not request to leave lessons.

Student Participation

Students should try to get involved as much as they in the life of the school by joining clubs and taking on responsibility



How much homework is there in Year 7?
Homework should take between 30 minutes and an hour per subject. Students will be set homework on a weekly basis per core subject.

I am interested to know how you are preparing for the change in GCSEs?
Subjects are structuring their courses differently as a result of the linear examination system.

Do you stream Year 7?
There is no streaming at Teign School, although some subjects such as Mathematics do set their students, following a settling in period..

Do you offer ParentPay for school uniform?
At this moment we use Price and Buckland as our uniform suppliers. As this company is external to Teign School there will be no Parent Pay option.

What will my classes be like and will I be with my friends?
Primary schools send plenty of information to help students settle quickly at Teign. Some of this information is about ‘groupings’ and ‘who works well with whom’. We do try and allocate tutor and teaching groups to include friendship requests, as long as this is productive in lessons.

How do you cover the three Sciences in Year 7?
All three Sciences are taught across Year 7, as one subject, although students could have more than one teacher.

I’d be interested to know why you have a two weekly timetable as opposed to a weekly.
The two week timetable gave the school the flexibility of changing to a five period day. The benefits of the five period day are; less change over between lesson time and one afternoon lesson, which is more productive.

Can a younger sibling wear the ‘older’ style rugby shirt handed down from his brother?
Unfortunately no, if the uniform is the old style.

Do you get a map when you start?
Yes, please see below. There is also a map on our website

How easy is to navigate places?
During the June induction days pupils are set an orienteering task, which involves pupils navigating their way around the school answering questions which are posted on each of our teaching blocks. As well as being great fun, this is an informative way of pupils finding their way around the school site.