Teign School is planning to run a Mock Election, as in 2017, to tie in with the UK’s General Election on December 12th. The aim is to engage students with the General Election and the voting process. The ballot in school will happen on Thursday 12th December so results can be announced following on from the country’s result on Friday 13th December.

The event is being led by Teacher of Politics, Katherine Evans along with her Year 12 and 13 Politics students. The Student Council will also be involved with the planning of the ballot and other aspects of the organisation. All students in Years 7-13 will be offered a ballot paper as well as school staff (being recorded in a separate count). Teachers from the maths department, assisted by students, will produce a statistical analysis of the vote by political party, gender and year group (for the students). The chart below shows the overall result of the 2017 Mock Election at Teign school which differed significantly from the actual election result.

Head Teacher, Suzannah Wharf, will announce the election result to Teign students and staff at lunch time in the school hall.

Suzannah Wharf gave the following quote about the planned Mock Election:

“Democracy is at the heart our British values. Therefore empowering, engaging, promoting and educating our students about the election process and the different viewpoints of the main political parties is an essential part of becoming an adult and being ‘Ready for the world’ beyond school, one of our core principles. I am delighted at the enthusiasm and passion for politics that our young people demonstrate and am very proud that our students are able to take part in this opportunity and develop the strength of student leadership within Teign School.”


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