GCSE Results Day

20th August 2020

GCSE Results - Teign School delighted that Children have the grades they deserve

Everyone at Teign School would like to offer their congratulations to our Year 11 students for their GCSE results. The school’s staff have applied a rigorous and consistent approach to how the centre assessed grades have been awarded, taking into account a wide range of evidence including classwork, mock exams and other records of student performance. The grades that have been awarded today reflect their hard work and efforts and we have great confidence that they are what would have been achieved if exams had been sat.   The students have had a rollercoaster few months and many have struggled with not having the opportunity to sit their actual exams. We are very proud of the hard work and endeavour over the last five years of their secondary schooling.

Headteacher, Suzannah Wharf, said, ‘We are really pleased the government took the decision to award students their centre assessed grades. We know that this is the fairest way of recognising all students achievements. Our staff have used their professionalism and wealth of experience to make fair and objective judgements of the grades they believe the students would have achieved if they had sat the examinations. This will ensure that no child is unfairly disadvantaged which is crucial. Staff, students and parents have all continued to build the reputation of Teign School as a place where children achieve strong outcomes and fulfil their potential both academically and through the acquisition of attributes that will allow them to go on to lead extraordinary lives, giving back to the community in which they live. I continue to be very proud of all of our students and everything they have accomplished and am excited to see the next steps in their unique and extraordinary lives.’

Suzannah WHARF | Headteacher | Teign School


Written by Suzannah Wharf
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