Phone scammers & COVID testing

23rd September 2020


Parents being Targeted by Phone Scammers

We have received, from Devon Local Authority, reports of what seems to be a variety of ways of getting people to call/connect to a premium phone line number by saying their child is ill or been in an incident.  Parents/carers are being called on the phone, allegedly by their school, to say their child has been involved in an incident or taken ill. An example has been where a parent was called to say the child was ill and asked to dial 1 to be connected to right person to speak to.  The phone line had been held open reportedly to a high cost phone line.  In another example the parents were asked to contact the school on the number provided, which again turned out to be a high cost phone line.

Please only ever use this telephone number 01626 366969 to contact the school, if you ever receive any communication asking you to make contact.


Public Health - advice on COVID testing for school children

Please find below a letter and information leaflet for schools and parents which has been produced by the local Public Health team.  The information has also been replicated on the DCC coronavirus pages:

Covid-19 School Absence


Schools Advice to Parents - Devon County

Letter to parents re COVID from Dr Virginia Pearson - Public Health

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