Teign School Farm Update by Kanye Leeper Year 10

4th May 2021

I am a student in Year 10 who is one of ten students on the City & Guilds Land Based Science course. We are responsible for the school farm (Abbrook Farm) alongside Mr Hearnden and Mr Sims.

Spring is one of the busiest times on the farm as it is lambing season. There are currently 6 ewes with 8 lambs (born in March/April) that need looking after at the moment as well as 9 energetic, loud piglets! The sow, Penny, gave birth to her large litter in early March. She is a good mum and is very protective of her babies!

Also on the farm we have 1 year old chickens and ducks who are all laying well. Abbrook Farm is well guarded by 3 feisty geese that we all avoid as much as possible!

Our vegetable beds are growing potatoes, onions and hopefully broad beans this year. We are also in the process of collecting honey from our 2 bee hives; something we haven’t done for a few years.

I really love the peace and quiet at the farm and when I am on the morning feeding rota it is a really nice way to start the school day.

Kanye Leeper, Year 10


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