Teign School Mock G7 Programme

23rd June 2021

As world leaders prepare for the 2021 G7, students from Teign School take their seat #AtTheTable in the first ever national Mock G7 Programme.

This week, students from Teign School in Kingsteignton will participate in a Mock G7 programme - the very first of its kind. The programme, aimed at students aged 14 - 18 years, is taking place in hundreds of schools across the U.K., reaching thousands of secondary school aged students, at the same time as the G7 world leaders’ Summit, which will take place on 11 - 13 June in Cornwall.

Fourteen from Year 9 will take part in 2 lessons which will introduce them to the purpose and history of the G7, induct them into the role of world leaders, Ministers and Sherpas in the process, and conclude with a real-world negotiation simulation. At the end of the programme, the students will agree three actions they would take to protect and conserve the world’s oceans.

The Mock G7 programme was commissioned by the Future Leaders Network, the host of this year’s Youth 7 (Y7), which is the official youth engagement group for the G7 process. Funded by the U.K. Cabinet Office, and developed by the educational charity Young Citizens, the Mock G7 Programme aims to increase awareness amongst young people about what the G7 is, why it matters to them, and how they can take their seat at the table with world leaders by participating in the Y7 in future. It has been designed specifically in recognition of the U.K.’s Presidency of the G7 in 2021.

The Mock G7 programme was first trialed out in a pilot version of the programme in 5 different schools across the U.K. in April. Following the success of the pilot, the Mock G7 programme was then officially launched in May, with schools carrying out preparatory activities throughout the summer term, and hosting their negotiations exercise in the same week as the G7 Summit, which will take place on 11 - 13 June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

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Teign School student, Zoe A. said:

"I really enjoyed it because we got to learn what we can expect from each of the countries in the future to combat climate change."


Teign School Headteacher, Suzannah Wharf, commented:

"Having the opportunity to learn about global events and politics such as the G7 in this way helps raise awareness of significant global issues that world leaders face such as climate change and international aid to poorer nations. The fact that G7 summit was hosted in the South West helps the children of this region appreciate their relevance and part in global affairs. At Teign School we are very committed to the Rights Respecting Schools Agenda and Article 13 stipulates the right to Freedom of Expression with children being able to express their thoughts and opinions and all kinds of information. This opportunity does just that; it supports their learning of the wider workings of governments, the importance of dialogue, cooperation and leaders working together for the benefit of people from across the world. Our school is all about getting children ready for the world and being the centre of the community. This initiative does just that and I am rightly proud we are able to take part."


Teign School Assistant Headteacher, Lucie Wagner in charge gaining the RRS award commented:

"Article 29 from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that ‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.’ This student G7 summit directly links to this fundamental human right for our students. We were delighted to receive our RRS Silver award in January and as we work towards our Gold award, one of the three areas highlighted for development was ‘supporting students to engage in a range of advocacy and campaigning activities that promote young people’s rights locally and globally’. I am delighted that our students have had the chance to engage in this opportunity. One of the student council’s priorities this year was unanimously the chance for the school to expand our knowledge and actions around the environment. It is clear that global issues are a core value for the next generation and we are incredibly proud of their drive and ambition- today’s G7 student summit is further evidence of how important this issue is to our students."


Katherine Evans, Beliefs, Values and Citizenship Teacher at Teign School has organised the G7 Mock Summit in partnership with Young Citizens and has commented:

“The opportunity for students to engage in global politics through the Mock G7 Summit is a real experience for them. As the summit took place in the South West there is an instant connection to the event. I feel passionate about bring current global issues to the forefront of education and events like this help to enrich the students beyond the parameters of the classroom.” 


Commenting, Sophie Daud, Chief Executive Officer at the Future Leaders Network, said:

“The G7 2021 is a huge event in the diplomatic calendar - the first face-to-face meeting of world leaders in nearly 2 years, aiming to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet. The Mock G7 Programme is similarly momentous. Never before have young people across the U.K. had the opportunity to learn about and participate in G7 simulations, and the topic - ocean action - has never been more important.

In a world where decisions made today have significant, long-term and potentially disastrous consequences on the young people of tomorrow, it is more important than ever to equip young people with the skills they need to influence global change. 100% of teachers in our pilots said that their students developed better communication, presenting, listening, debating, team working and critical thinking skills. We are incredibly proud that thousands of students, in hundreds of schools across the country, are taking their seat at the table this week - taking part in an exercise which will set them up to become the leaders of tomorrow.”


For more information about the support available to young people in the UK, particularly our Youth 7 opportunity, please visit our website:

For interviews or more information, including details of how you can attend the event, please contact Sophie Daud – Chief Executive, directly on +44 7788 990041 or at

About Future Leaders Network

Future Leaders Network is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at discovering and developing the next generation of social, economic and political leaders in the United Kingdom. We are revolutionising the leadership development landscape, by equipping young people with the leadership experience, skills and network they need to deliver positive change in the world.

We make a difference today with the leaders of tomorrow.


About the Youth G7 (Y7)

Youth G7 is one of six engagement groups of the Group of 7 (G7) international intergovernmental economic organization, the others being the Business 7, Civil Society 7 (non-governmental organizations), Labour 7, Science 7 and Women 7. The engagement groups are involved at every level of G7 activities, including meetings with the Sherpas, Ministers and expert groups, through to the Leaders’ Summit. They prepare recommendations for each G7 Presidency.

About Sophie Daud:

Sophie is the Chief Executive of Future Leaders Network.

Sophie Daud is an award-winning public servant, who is passionate about youth empowerment and leadership development. She began her career in the U.K. Government, where she combined her scientific training with problem solving skills to tackle some of the country's most challenging social policy issues, ranging from long-term unemployment to child poverty.

In 2016, she was selected to represent the United Kingdom at the Youth G7, the official youth engagement group for the G7 Heads of State summit in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, Sophie has campaigned tirelessly to support the development of a new cadre of young leaders, and championing their voices in national and international decision making.

She was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Future Leaders Network in January 2019 and is looking forward to hosting the Youth G7 in 2021 when the U.K. hosts the G7 Presidency. Sophie was recently announced as a “Rising Star in the Public Sector”, awarded by WeAreTheCity in 2019.

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