Teign School has another year of very strong GCSE results

12th August 2021

Teign School would like to offer their congratulations to all of the year 11 cohort for their fantastic GCSE results. For the third year in a row Teign School students have demonstrated excellent performance for their GCSEs. Despite the huge disruption to school over the last 18 months, the students have risen to the challenges they have faced and showed the resolve, resilience, perseverance and hard work to achieve the grades they have been awarded. This year teachers have awarded the grades to students following a rigorous, quality assurance process to ensure that the grades awarded are fair and accurate.

Headteacher, Suzannah Wharf, said, "We are delighted with these results, which reflect the incredible hard work of the pupils, the support of their parents and carers, and, of course, some really excellent teaching from our staff. Teachers have used their professionalism and wealth of experience to support our students throughout a very challenging year and a half. It is wonderful to see the continuing positive impact of the raised standards at Teign School and how this is supporting the young people within the community. Along with the excellent A’ level results earlier this week, these results represent another step up on our journey to be outstanding and confirms Teign School as a place where children fulfil their potential both academically and through the acquisition of attributes that will allow them to go on to lead extraordinary lives. I want to thank our Year 11 students, who are such a great group of young people, for their determination and resilience. They have achieved some well deserved, excellent outcomes. Some individuals have excelled themselves with several children attaining the highest grades of 8s and 9s. There are many pupils whose progress has really been truly spectacular. We are very proud of everything they have accomplished and are excited to follow their next steps."

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