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Suzannah Wharf

Suzannah Wharf

Head of Teign School


At Teign we believe it is our attention to students as individuals which ensures they leave as successful and confident young adults.

Teign School staff put student progress and achievement at the heart of all they do and students feel that they belong in an institution that sets high expectations. Each subject challenges students in an environment where we recognise and celebrate high achievement. Equally, we are confident in supporting all students by removing their barriers to learning to achieve these goals.

Those expectations are reflected in all members of the school and we are proud of the comprehensive nature of the community we serve. To achieve these aims, we work in a partnership with parents, schools, businesses, continuing to develop the widest range of opportunities for all our students.

Combining these elements means that Teign School is not only a successful, but also a happy place to be. We can be assured that by fostering maturity, as well as achievement, students leave Teign as literate, numerate, active citizens of the future.