At Teign School we have a House System…all students are put into a House when they first start at Teign and they will stay in this house through their entire time at Teign School. Our Houses are based on constellations, they are: Centaurus, Phoenix, Orion, Pegasus and Lyra. Each House is represented by a different colour:

Each House has a House Leader and a Success Leader, students must report to their House Leader should they have any queries.

Mr G Duke (House Leader)
Mrs S Hollyoak-Quinnell (Success Leader)

Mrs H Epps (House Leader)
Mrs J Halse (Success Leader)

Mr A Crispin (House Leader)
Mrs J Miller (Success Leader)

Mrs C Wheeler (House Leader)
Mrs F Cox (Success Leader)

Mr N Cripps (House Leader)
Mrs R Dolan (Success Leader)