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Library and Learning Resources Manager
Mrs Halse joanne.halse@teignschool.org.uk

Opening Times

8.15 – 4.15pm Monday-Thursday
8.15 – 3.15pm Friday

The Library and Learning Resources Centre (LLRC) is a modern, welcoming, popular facility that aims to be at the heart of student learning. In order to help Year 7s to understand the way a Library functions, they all undergo a series of induction sessions in their first academic year. These lessons teach information literacy skills such as how to find resources and the best ways to conduct research (with a focus on encouraging independent learning).

The LLRC is a safe, supervised place for students to spend their free time. Students can do their homework, join in with a programme of lunch time activities, read or socialise in this relaxed, calm space. The opening hours allow students to access the facilities before and after the school day.

Teign School also runs the Accelerated Reader program with Years 7, 8 and some older students with the intention of improving reading and literacy skills at Key Stage 3 and beyond. The LLRC staff work hard at promoting and rewarding student reading progress. The AR program is supported during breaks, lesson time book exchanges and within the library lessons.

Stock and Resources
Within the LLRC there are over 15,000 books to support the curriculum and for leisure purposes. Around 6,000 of our books are fiction titles covering a range of different authors, genres and reading abilities. The stock reflects reading trends and the student’s favourite authors.

We also stock a variety of journals and magazines to enrich student learning. All of our resources are constantly reviewed and refreshed to ensure that learning needs are met.

The LLRC leads a number of events to enrich the experience of reading, literacy and learning. World Book Day is celebrated in March each year through a number of events and activities. Authors are invited to school to speak to students about life as an author and their latest releases. English teachers work with the librarian to play Reading Games, and run activities/challenges within the library lessons.

Leadership opportunities
There are opportunities for students of all ages to assist within the LLRC as valued members of the team. Some people assist with lunch time clubs, others help manage the book stock and a team of helpers assist at special events such as World Book Day. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the school community and adds depth to the students’ personal statements later in their academic lives.

Oliver is a web based learning, teaching, information and library management tool that can be accessed through the DEC Portal. 

It delivers 24/7 anywhere, anytime access to your school library resources including digital content such as eBooks and websites.

Please click here to use Oliver



2018 Geraldine McCaughrean Where the World Ends

2017 Ruth Sepetys, Salt to the sea
2016 Sarah Crossan, One, Bloomsbury
2015 Tanya Landman, Buffalo Soldier, Walker Books
2014 Kevin Brooks, The Bunker Diary, Puffin Books
2013 Sally Gardner, Maggot Moon, Hot Key Books
2012 Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls, Walker Books
2011 Patrick Ness, Monsters of Men, Walker Books
2010 Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book, Bloomsbury
2009 Siobhan Dowd, Bog Child, David Fickling
2008 Philip Reeve, Here Lies Arthur, Scholastic
2007 Meg Rosoff, Just in Case, Penguin
2005 Mal Peet, Tamar, Walker Books
2004 Frank Cottrell Boyce, Millions, Macmillan
2003 Jennifer Donnelly, A Gathering Light, Bloomsbury Children’s Books
2002 Sharon Creech, Ruby Holler, Bloomsbury Children’s Books
2001 Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, Doubleday
2000 Beverley Naidoo, The Other Side of Truth, Puffin
1999 Aidan Chambers, Postcards From No Man’s Land, Bodley Head
1998 David Almond, Skellig, Hodder Children’s Books
1997 Tim Bowler, River Boy, OUP
1996 Melvin Burgess, Junk, Andersen Press
1995 Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights, Scholastic
1994 Theresa Breslin, Whispers in the Graveyard, Methuen
1993 Robert Swindells, Stone Cold, H Hamilton
1992 Anne Fine, Flour Babies, H Hamilton
1991 Berlie Doherty, Dear Nobody, H Hamilton
1990 Gillian Cross, Wolf, OUP


What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?
AR is a computer program that helps teachers, key support and LLRC staff manage and monitor students’ independent reading practice. A student will select a book at his or her own level and then read at their own pace. On completion, the student takes a short online quiz at school to evidence their comprehension of the text. AR gives students, teachers and LLRC staff feedback based on the quiz result which is then used by the teacher to set the student goals and direct on-going reading practice. Students are rewarded along the way for various reading goals such as passing quizzes and hitting termly points targets.

Teachers and LLRC staff help students choose books at an appropriate reading level that are challenging without being frustrating to ensure a successful outcome. Students reading books at their own level and pace means that they really enjoy taking the quizzes.

Satisfaction is evident from their progress and successful outcomes.

The majority of students in Years 7 & 8 participate in the Accelerated Reader scheme (alongside selected older students). This guide is designed to tell you more about the scheme in a question and answer format.


How much should my child read each day?

According to research, children who read at least 35 minutes a day with a 90% comprehension rate on AR quizzes see the greatest gains. Therefore, in a perfect world. Every child should have at least 35 minutes set aside for reading every day. All Year 7 and 8 students have a 20 minute reading slot in the school day known as Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) at Teign. In addition Years 7 and 8 students have a fortnightly 1 hour reading lesson in the LLRC supported by English staff and the Librarian.

How can I help my child become a better reader?

Encourage them to read at home every day, just 15 minutes before bed will make the difference.

Create a culture of reading in your household by reading with them, starting a home library, visiting your local library or bookstore on a regular basis, letting them see you reading, and discussing books that each of you has read.

When reading with them, stop and ask questions to be sure he/she comprehends what is being read. Reading with them, no matter what their age, is an important part of developing a good reader, building a lifelong love of reading end learning, and creating a bond between you and them

Ask them about their progress with AR and the books they are reading. The school planner contains a section to record AR progress.

What happens if a student does not do well on their book quizzes?

If a student does not do well on a quiz the teacher, supporting member of staff or LLRC staff may help them by:

  1. helping them choose another more appropriate book
  2. ask more probing questions as they read
  3. arrange for additional literacy support/involve the SEND team*
  4. pair them with another student, or even have the book read to them

* ln a few cases. students may benefit from time off the scheme to work on reading skills before free reading occurs.

What if a student does not like reading?

Using Accelerated Reader, students will choose the books they went to read from the selection within a range. At Teign School, we have around 6,000 fiction books to choose from so there is a book there to excite anyone! The Teacher and Librarian will ensure the book is at the right level so that after completing the book, a student should do well on the AR Reading Practice Quiz. Success in the quiz will encourage them to read more.

Will a student have to read a book they do not want to read?

No. There are many, many choices of books at every student’s level. They will never be forced to read a book parents find questionable. LLRC staff regularly advise students on the age suitability of books at the point of loan.

I am concerned that my child will be unfairly compared to others

AR helps the teacher and Librarian work with each student individually. Students are encouraged to progress their own pace and work towards individualised goals with the help of the teacher. The aim of AR is for all students to succeed in achieving their personal goals and not to worry about others.

How does school determine my child's reading level (known as Reading Range or ZPD)?

The school determines a student’s level through STAR ReadingTM tests which are carried out around four times a year. The first tests are carried out in September and once these Reading Ranges are recorded in their planners the students are free to select books« and get reading! In independent literature based reading, the ZPD is the range of books that will challenge a student without causing frustration or loss of motivation. It is important for students to read with a high degree of comprehension and within their ZPDs. At the end of each term, a further STAR test is carried out which should show an increase in the child’s reading level (as long as they have been engaging in sufficient reading at the right book level).

What is a STAR ReadingTM test?

STAR Reading is a computerised reading assessment that uses computer adaptive technology. Questions continually adjust to student’s responses. If the students response is correct, the difficulty level is increased. If a question is missed, the difficulty level is reduced. The test uses multiple choice questions and takes approximately 30 minutes.

What is a book level?

Book levels represent the difficulty of the text within a book. At Teign, all books that can be read within the AR scheme have colour-coded labels on their spines and the actual book level is shown. For example. our emergent reads at level 1-1.9 and have green labels on their spines. Many classics are all the top end of the book level scale so have brown labels on their spines« representing book level 6+).

What are points in the AR scheme?

Every book that has an AR Reading Practice Quiz is given value. AR points are computed based on the difficulty of the book level and the length of book (number of words). Students earn points, or cl portion of cl book’s points, depending on how well they do on the Reading Practice Quiz. For example, a student who takes a 5 question quiz on a book worth 1 point will earn point for 5 correct answers (100%», O. 8 for 4 correct answers« 80%), etc. A student who reads a book worth 5 points and takes a 10 question quiz will earn 5 points for 10 correct answers (100%), 4.5 points for 9 correct answers (9), etc. For quizzes with 3,5, or 10 questions, students need to pass a quiz with a score of 60% or higher to earn points. For quizzes with 20 questions, they need to pass with a score of 7% or higher to earn points.

What are AR Points Targets?

The results of the STAR tests determines the Target number of points we« ask students to work towards each term. Monitoring students’ AR points and comparing them to the guideline values enables the teacher and Librarian to determine how well individual students are using the time provided for reading practice.

How many Accelerated Reader quizzes are there?

There are over 156,000 AR quizzes available with more books having quizzes written for them all the time. If a book does not have an AR quiz then unfortunately the student cannot quiz and pick up points for this title. We suggest non AR books are kept for holiday so students make the expected progress on AR!

How do students know if a book is on AR (has a quiz available)?

In the LLRC, any book that has a coloured label on the spine is on the AR. In addition, students/parents/teachers can also visit the AR BookfinderTM website at http://www.arbookfinder.co.uk to conduct search of all available books with AR quizzes. This is the way to check if books from outside school are on AR.

How can I help my child find books that are interesting to him/her?

You could visit http://www.Arbookfinder.co.uk and click on the Advanced Search. By conducting an advanced search, you con generate book lists that contain titles based on the criteria you enter such as book level, topic, interest level, fiction/nonfiction, etc. Alternatively, the LLRC staff can help find books.

My child already does well with their reading. Why does he/she need this?

Even if a child is gifted at playing a musical instrument, they need to practise to develop their talent. Bright children, like all children, need to be challenged. Teachers using AR software find it easy to guide students to books that give them challenge and success. The AR scheme improves students’ reading up until a reading age of 16 is reached.

My child is not a strong reader. Can he/she still use Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader helps all children become better readers, from students with special needs to those who are gifted and talented. When they read books at an appropriate level, they experience success. Furthermore, teachers and the Librarian will work with students to set appropriate goals based on each individual’s reading level.


Click the link below to check if books are on AR

We hope this guide has answered many of your questions about how we run the Accelerated Reader at Teign School.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Jo Halse at joanne.halse@teignschool.org.uk 01626 883381 (LLRC Manager & Literacy Champion) or your child’s English teacher or visit the Accelerated Reader website at https://ukhosted31.renlearn.co.uk/6010376


Years 6, 7 & 8

Adventure Stories
Mary Norton / The Borrowers
Roald Dahl / various titles
Arthur Ransome / Swallows & Amazons
Zizou Corder / Lion Boy series
Frances Hodgson Burnett / The Secret Garden
Elizabeth Nesbit / The Railway Children, The Phoenix & the Carpet
J. M. Barrie / Peter Pan
Michael Morpurgo / Kensuke’s Kingdom
R.L.Stevenson / Treasure Island, Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde
Lewis Carroll / Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Enid Blyton / various series
Mary Norton / The Borrowers
Clive King / Stig of the Dump
Justin Somper / Vampirates series
Real Life/Teenage Issues
Meg Cabot / The Princess Diaries
Jean Ure / Frankie Foster series
Nina Bawden / The Peppermint Pig
Anne Fine / Step by Wicked Step
Hilary McKay / various titles
Jacqueline Wilson / various titles
Cathy Cassidy / various titles
Johanna Spyri / Heidi
Malorie Blackman / Cloud Busting

Fantastic Fantasy
JRR Tolkien / The Hobbit
Eoin Colfer / Artemis Fowl series
Lemony Snicket / A Series of Unfortunate Events
Tony Di Terlizzi & Holly Black / The Spiderwick
J.K. Rowling / Harry Potter series
C.S. Lewis / Chronicles of Narnia
Chris D’Lacey / The Last Dragon Chronicles series
Andy Baxter / Beastly series
Adam Blade / Beast Quest series
Cressida Cowell / various titles

Science-Fiction Titles
Philip Reeve / Mortal Engines series
Lesley Howarth / MapHead
Frank Cottrell Boyce / Cosmic
Tony Bradman / Alien Doomsday
Ted Hughes / The Iron Man

Historical Tales
Michelle Magorian / Goodnight Mr Tom (WW2)
Charles Dickens / A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist
(Victorian times)
Judith Kerr / When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (WW2)
Caroline Lawrence / Roman Mysteries (Roman times)
Ian Serraillier / The Silver Sword (WW2)
Nina Bawden / Carrie’s War (WW2)
Michael Morpurgo / various titles
Michelle Paver / Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, Gods and Warriors series

My Story series
Morris Gleitzman / Once, Then, Now & After (WW2)
John Boyne / The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Berlie Doherty / Street Child (Victorian)

Sporty Stories
Tom Palmer (football & rugby)
Dan Freedman (football)
Donna King (various sports)
Bob Cattell (cricket)
Alan Durant (football)

Prize Winners
Sharon Creech / Walk Two Moons
Sally Gardner / I, Coriander
Katherine Rundell / Rooftoppers
Rebecca Stead / Liar & Spy
Robert Westall / Machine Gunners
Chris D’Lacey / Fly, Cherokee, Fly
Sharon Creech / Heartbeat
Philip Pullman / The Scarecrow & his Servant
Eva Ibbotson / The Star of Kazan
Jan Mark / Thunder & Lightnings

Funny Books
Karen McCombie / Ally’s World (Series)
Lauren Child / Utterly Me, Clarice Bean
Roald Dahl / various titles
David Williams / various titles
Jeff Kinney / Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Liz Pichon / Tom Gates series
Dav Pilkey / Captain Underpants series
Rachel Rene Russell / Dork Diaries series
Jonathan Meres / The World of Norm series
Jeremy Strong / Cartoon Kid series
Jack Gantos / Joey Pigza Swallows the Key
Andy Stanton / Mr Gum series
Lincoln Pierce / Big Nate series
James Patterson / Middle School series
Michael Lawrence / various titles

Other Cultures
Elizabeth Laird / The Garbage King, Oranges in No Man’s Land
Beverley Naidoo / The Other Side of Truth
Benjamin Zephaniah / Refugee Boy
Eva Ibbotson / Journey to the River Sea
Books Made into Films & TV Tie-Ins
Lemony Snicket / A Series of Unfortunate Events
Louis Sachar / Holes
Jacqueline Wilson / The Story of Tracey Beaker
Roald Dahl / Matilda, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
C.S. Lewis / The Chronicles of Narnia series
J. K. Rowling / Harry Potter series
Rick Riordan / Percy Jackson titles
Doctor Who / various titles
Star Wars / various titles

Animal Stories
Richard Adams / Watership Down (rabbits)
D King-Smith / various titles
Michael Morpurgo / various titles
Anna Sewell / Black Beauty (horses)
E.B. White / Charlotte’s Web (spiders/farm animals)
Sandy Lane Stables / various authos (horses)
Ingrid Lee / various titles (dogs and cats)
Lauren Brooke / Chestnut Hill series (horses)
Jack London / Call of the Wild, White Fang (dogs and wolves)
Lauren St. John / various titles (African wildlife & horses)
K.M. Peyton / Flambards (horses)
Terry Pratchett / The Amazing Maurice & his Educated Rodents (rats
S.F. Said / Varjak Paw (cats)
Erin Hunter / Warrior Cats series (cats)

Horror & Ghost Stories
Darren Shan / various series
Tim Collins / Diary of a Wimpy Vampire series
Anthony Horowitz / Groosham Grange, Horowitz Horror 1 & 2
Nick Shadow / The Midnight Library series
Michael Dahl / Return to the Library of Doom series
Arthur Conan Doyle / Hound of the Baskervilles
Jill Murphy / The Worst Witch series
B. Strange / Too Ghoul for School series
Derek Landy / Skulduggery Pleasant series

Crime and Detective Stories
Anthony Horowitz / The Diamond Brothers series
Elizabeth Singer / Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series
Tanya Landman / Poppy Fields series
Anthony Read / Baker Street boys
Lauren Child / Ruby Redfort titles
Carol Hedges / Spy Girl series
Kevin Brooks / Johnny Delgado Private Detective series
Recommended for Dyslexic Students
Barrington Stoke publishers / various titles
Franklin Watts publishers / The Edge series
Evans publishers / Shades series

Years 9, 10 & 11

Books About Love & Relationships
Austen, Jane – Emma (Classic)
Blume, Judy – Forever
Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Eyre (Classic)
Chambers, Aidan – Postcards From No Man’s Land
Dickens, Charles – Nicholas Nickleby (Classic)
Doherty, Berlie – Dear Nobody
Donnelly, Jennifer – A Gathering Light
Doyle, Roddy – Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
Geras, Adele – Pictures of the Night
Green, John – An Abundance of Katherines
Hardy, Thomas – Tess of the D’Urbervilles (Classic)
Jarratt, Laura – Skin Deep
Magorian, Michelle – A Little Love Song
Spinelli, Jerry – Stargirl

Books About Difficult Times
Almond, David – Kit’s Wilderness
Ballard, J G – Empire of the Sun
Blackman, Malorie – Noughts and Crosses; Boys Don’t Cry
Brooks, Kevin – The Bunker Diaries
Bowler, Tim – Midget
Burgess, Melvin – Junk
Cassidy, Anne – Looking for JJ
Conrad, Joseph – Heart of Darkness (Classic)
Cormier, Robert – The Chocolate War
David, Keren – When I was Joe
Dickinson, Peter – The Kin
Dowd, Siobhan – A Swift Pure Cry
Downham, Jenny – Before I Die
Earle, Phil – Saving Daisy
Gardner, Graham – Inventing Elliot
Green, John – The Fault in Our Stars; Paper Towns
Hooper, Mary – Megan series
LaFleur, Suzanne – Love, Aubrey
Naidoo, Beverley – The Other Side of Truth
Nichols, Sally – Ways to Live Forever
Picoult, Jodi – Second Glance
Pitcher, Annabel – My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece
Singer, Nicky – Feather Boy
Swindells, Robert – Stone Cold
Taylor, Mildred D – Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Zephaniah, Benjamin – Refugee Boy

Crime & Thriller Titles Brooks, Kevin – Black Rabbit Summer; Road of the Dead
Brown, Dan – Any titles
Carter, Ally – The Gallagher Girls (series)
Cassidy, Anne – The Dead House
Chandler, Raymond – Any titles
Conan Doyle, Arthur – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Fine, Anne – The Tulip Touch
Gilman, David – Ice Claw
Grant, Michael – Gone (series)
Grisham, John – Any titles
Harris, Robert – The Fatherland
Horowitz, Anthony – Alex Rider (series)
Kennen, Ally – Bullet Boys
McNab, Andy – Boy Soldier (series)
Morgan, Nicola – Wasted
Peet, Mal – Keeper; Penalty
Puzo, Mario – Any titles
Shepard, Sara – Pretty Little Liars (series)
Valentine, Jenny – The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight
Wooding, Chris – Kerosene
Zephaniah, Benjamin – Teacher’s Dead

Books About Travel and/or Adventures Brahmachari, Sita – Jasmine Skies
Colfer, Eoin – Airman
Garland, Alex – The Beach
Haddon, Mark – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Ibbotson, Eva – Journey to the River Sea
McCaughrean, Geraldine – The Kite Rider
Patterson, James – Angel Experiment (series)
Price, Susan – The Sterkarm Handshake
Swift, Jonathan – Gulliver’s Travels
Horror/Supernatural/Ghost Stories Banks, Iain – The Wasp Factory
Burgess, Melvin – Bloodtide; The Ghost Behind the Wall
Cann, Kate – Leaving Poppy
Clare, Cassandra – City of Bones (series)
Curtis, Vanessa – The Haunting of Tabitha Grey
Doherty, Berlie – The Company of Ghosts
Harris, Charlaine – Sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood)
Herbert, James – Any titles
Hill, Susan – The Woman in Black
Kennen, Ally – Bedlam
King, Stephen – Any titles
Meyer, Stephanie – The Host
McNish, Cliff – Breathe: A Ghost Story
Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight (series)
Paver, Michelle – Dark Matter
Rees, Celia – Witch Child; Sorceress
Sedgwick, Marcus – My Swordhand is Singing; White Crow
Shan, Darren – Any titles
Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein (Classics)
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Classics)
Stoker, Bram – Dracula (Classics)

Books Set in Fantastical and Future Worlds
Adams, Douglas – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Atwood, Margaret – The Handmaid’s Tale
Almond, David – Skellig
Campbell, Jack – The Lost Fleet (series)
Canavan, Trudi – Priestess of the White
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games (series)
Dashner, James – The Maze Runner (series)
Doctor Who – Any titles
Hearn, Lian – Across the Nightingale Floor (series)
Hill, Will – Department 19
Hoffman, Mary – City of… (series)
Howarth, Lesley – MapHead
Ness, Patrick – Chaos Walking series
Nix, Garth – Sabriel
Paolini, Christopher – Eragon (series)
Pratchett, Terry – Discworld titles (series)
Price, Susan – The Sterkarm Handshake
Pullman, Philip – Northern Lights
Reeve, Philip – Mortal Engines (series)
Shusterman, Neal – Unwind (series)
Taylor, G P – Shadowmancer
Tolkein, J R R – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy & the Hobbit
Wells, HG – War of the Worlds (Classics)
Westerfeld, Scott – Uglies (series)

Books Set in the Past
Breslin, Theresa – Prisoner of the Inquisition; Remembrance
De Bernieres, Louis – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Dibben, Damian – The History Keepers (series)
Dowd, Siobhan – Bog Child
Dowswell, Paul – Auslander
Faulks, Sebastian – Birdsong
Fine, Anne – The Road of Bones
Gardner, Sally – The Red Necklace; The Silver Blade; I, Coriander
Geras, Adele – Troy
Golding, Julia – The Diamond of Drury Lane
Hooper, Mary – At the Sign of the Sugared Plum; Petals in the Ashes
Morgan, Nicola – The Highwayman’s Footsteps
Newbery, Linda – The Shell House
Peet, Mal – Tamar
Pullman, Philip – The Sally Lockhart Quartet
Reeve, Philip – Here Lies Arthur
Rosoff, Meg – The Bride’s Farewell
Scarrow, Simon – Gladiator: Fight for Freedom (Eagle series)
Zuzak, Frances – The Book Thief

Books About Real Lives
Angelou, Maya – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Frank, Anne – The Diary of a Young Girl
Golden, Arthur – Memoirs of a Geisha
Hamilton, Lewis – My Story
Mah, Adeline Yen – Chinese Cinderella
McCourt, Frank – Angela’s Ashes
Rednapp, Harry – My Autobiography
Simpson, Joe – Touching the Void
Sobel, Dava – Longitude
Wiggins, Bradley – My Story

Books to Make You Laugh
Clarkson, Jeremy – The World According to Clarkson
David, Keren – Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery
Doyle, Roddy – The Commitments
Elton, Ben – Any titles
Fielding, Helen – Bridget Jones’ Diary
Hiaasen, Carl – Hoot; Scat
McGowan, Anthony – Hellbent
Pilkington, Karl – The Moaning of Life
Rennison, Louise – Withering Tights (series)
Townsend, Sue – Adrian Mole (series)

Books About Other Cultures
Ellis, Deborah – The Breadwinner
Hosseini, Khaled – The Kite Runner
Laird, Elizabeth – Garbage King; A Little Piece of Ground
Leonard, Elmore – Hombre
Mankell, Henning – The Shadow Girls
Mulligan, Andy – Trash
Naidoo, Beverley – Burn My Heart
Rai, Bali – Rani & Sukh; (Un)arranged Marriage
Syal, Meera – Anita & Me
Walker, Alice – The Color Purple
Books About Animals
Martel, Yann – Life of Pi
Nowra, Louis – Into That Forest
Pratchett, Terry – The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty
St. John, Lauren – The One Dollar Horse (and sequels)