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The Lynn King Trophy

Library Assistant, Lynn King, is leaving Teign this term after 17 years of service in the school library. She has been a dedicated member of staff and has kept our 15,000 books in excellent shape for the benefit of the students. Lynn would like her love of Teign’s library to live on through a shield she has kindly donated to be called the ‘Lynn King Trophy’. This will be awarded to the top reader at Teign every year. This July, as part of the reading celebrations, Lynn and author Chris d’Lacey presented the trophy for the first time to a Year 7 student who has read over 5.6 million words since September 2017! Well done to the winner and we wish Lynn all the best for the future – she will be missed by staff and students alike.

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Celebrating reading

Teign LLRC celebrated reading success this July by inviting author Chris d’Lacey for lunch alongside our 41 ‘Reading Millionaires’ (identified using data from the Accelerated Reader Programme). These students have excelled, making maximum use of the reading time given to them at school whilst also enjoying books in their homes. One Year 7 girl this year has amazed us by reading over 5.6 million words!

During the lunch, the students had the chance to chat to Chris about his life as an author and also get books signed by him. Chris kindly agreed to present our 10 reading trophies to individuals selected by English teachers, librarians and teaching assistants which was a real highlight of the event. In many cases we had two winners per trophy as it was hard to choose just one person when there are so many excellent readers this year. Our most experienced student librarians were also invited to join the proceedings; they helped before and during the event and got to enjoy the cakes, drinks and nibbles provided!

After lunch, the whole of Year 7 heard Chris speak about his books and what encouraged him to write them (in the school’s theatre). As always, his talk was informative and very entertaining. All Chris d’Lacey’s books are available for the students to borrow over the summer if they have been inspired to read them and haven’t already bought their own copies! Thank you to Chris for visiting Teign once again and well done to our well-deserved reading trophy winners.

Mrs Halse
LLRC Manager/Literacy Champion

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Paris trip 2018

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Epraise auctions and tuck shops

Over the past few weeks, the Success Leaders have led a number of prize auctions and tuck shops for students to cash in their well earnt epraise points. Events began with the Year 11 auction which happened as part of this year group’s final day at school. Years 9 & 10 then had their auctions/tuck shops on the 5th July. Finally, tuck shops for Years 7 & 8 were held in the week before enrichment week.

In the auctions, students bid against each other for a number of wonderful prizes and experiences donated by parents and businesses in the community (or purchased by the school) to reward student success. The more points the students had, the more ‘money’ they received in the form of tokens. Bidding was intense for the inflatable alligators, the action cameras, pizza/food vouchers, toiletries sets, speakers, hair dressing/barber vouchers to name but a few!

To add to the fun, a number of challenges were set by the Success Leaders during the auctions. Student volunteers had to eat at much pie as they could in a couple of minutes – with their hands behind their backs! Another challenge was to eat as many dry cream crackers as possible in two minutes (quite a feat as they are very, very dry). The pictures show the fun that was had by the students at all the auctions this year. Thanks again to the local businesses and parents who have supported our epraise reward events this year.

The Success Leaders

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