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At Teign we believe it is our attention to students as individuals which ensures they leave as successful and confident young adults. Teign School staff put student progress and achievement at the heart of all they do and students feel that they belong in an institution that sets high...expectations.
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Latest Tweets

  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - Jun 16
    Year 7 Book Group Dress the Part! https://t.co/rqmXVS8KkA
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - Jun 14
    Students in Y9 have been preparing for assessment week by creating some revision hexagons. They really enjoyed creating these using their knowledge organisers. Well done to Mrs Evans BVC class in particular Lily, Bobbie, Hannah and Elisha. Here is some of their amazing work! https://t.co/r3mQwskLhD
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - Jun 10
    Teign School Open Days: Monday 21st June 2021 - 4pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 29th June 2021 - 9.30am to 11am Wednesday 30th June 2021 - 9.30am to 11am Wednesday 7th July 2021 - 9.30am to 11am Wednesday 14th July 2021 - 9.30am to 11am *All Open Days are subject to Government Guidelines https://t.co/DFhk2I6SBQ
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - Jun 10
    Increased School Library Access For Students Please can parents/carers make our students aware of the increase in access to the library starting today. The latest rota for year group bubbles is shown in the table. https://t.co/bzDaL3RxkH
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 28
    Follow the link for the latest newsletter and club list: https://t.co/MwWCrp3xyY
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 27
    The students supported each other and worked extremely hard to ensure they all reached their potential. A big congratulations to all students involved! Mr and Mrs Churchill are extremely proud of your work ethic and the extra time you put into your performances. https://t.co/csdl8OryZj
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 27
    Teign School A Level Drama students amazed their teacher examiners with their outstanding devised Berkovian style performances. Despite all the COVID restrictions the students stayed positive and found ways to work together and devise their exam pieces ready for this week. https://t.co/KDgTEU851S
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 27
    Big shout out to Year 7 doing some last minute revision in Miss Ray’s class ahead of their BVC assessment on Multicultural Britain today. Every single student showed amazing attitudes towards their learning – well done! https://t.co/AWBV2axveO
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 27
    New swimming groups starting the first week back after half term: https://t.co/V0kLd9cHC1
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 27
    We have been made aware this morning that the Teign Valley Road has been closed. We have been told that the school buses WILL arrive - but the diversion they have to take is a good 30 mins longer. If you have children waiting for buses please advise them that a bus will arrive.
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 25
    Congratulations to the pupils in 11P who have completed their Art coursework! https://t.co/ZppnDuUSay
  • Coombeshead Academy - teignschool - May 25
    Teign School has a vacancy for a Curriculum Support Supervisor. Follow the link for more information and details on how to apply: https://t.co/3vMEFAjJnk
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