Ready To Learn

‘Ready to Learn’ – Teign School Behaviour Policy at a glance


What is ‘Ready to Learn’

Ready to Learn (RTL) is designed around the belief that every student has the Right to an Education (Article 28 UNCRC) this means that disruption-free learning is paramount. RTL sets out basic expectations for staff and students on how disruption will be adressed and what the consequences of such behaviour will be.


What are the expectations of all students?

Every student at Teign School is expected to respect the rights of others and to follow the ‘Teign Ten’. This document is in student handbooks and available on our website.


What action is taken for students who are not Ready to Learn?

Low level disruption is any action or behaviour that requires the teacher to stop or alter the flow of the lesson in order to address it- for example, talking whilst the teacher is talking. At Teign School we feel this is unacceptable.

The member of staff will identify to the student the behaviour which is disruptive and issue a ‘first warning’. The student’s name is put on the board. If the student persists or further disrupts, they are asked to leave and report to the ‘Improvement Room’ where they will stay for a full school day and a same-day detention.


What happens in the Improvement Room?

Students removed from lessons are set appropriate work to complete in silence whilst supervised by a member of staff. Support in accessing this work is given and all work produced is given back to the class teacher.



Article 3 of the UNCRC states that ‘The best interests of the child must be a top priority’- We believe it is in the best interests of every child that they feel safe in school. As Duty Bearers, the adults in the school have the responsibility to uphold the rights of children. If a member of staff asks a student to do something reasonable, they are expected to do it.  If they do not immediately do what has been asked, the member of staff may say “This is a reasonable request.  Are you choosing not to follow it?” 

If they refuse, or walk away, they will be sent straight to the IR for one school day


Expectations round site

At Teign School, we expect everyone to behave with respect for each other and the school site at all times.  That means arriving on time, walking around the school calmly and quietly, respecting each other’s space and looking out for each other. 

Our 20-minute lunchtime ‘Pastoral Detentions’ (PDT’s) enable us to address any behaviour which doesn’t meet our high standards.


Ready to Learn - Overview for parents 2021-22


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