Extra-Curricular Clubs

Extra-Curricular Sport at Teign

Students have a range of sports clubs they can choose to attend after school which run from 15:15 to 16:30 (light permitting in the winter months). Clubs run on Tuesday – Thursday during term time.  Students that attend clubs will then be considered for team selection, each time a student attends a club they will be registered and this will result in a positive point being added to their Epraise account by Mr Spicer.

The clubs that are offered are based around the way the local district associations organise fixtures. For example, from September to December the local district focusses on netball and rugby fixtures therefore at Teign we align our clubs to fit in with the district offer. After Christmas there is a focus on football for both boys and girls and a specific focus on girls rugby. After the Easter clubs will then focus on summer sports such as cricket, athletics, tennis and other striking and fielding games. Fixtures can take various formats such as central venue leagues, cluster tournaments, county cup fixtures and friendlies. Clubs are split where necessary by gender and age to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment is established for all. We also offer an accredited Sports Leaders qualification for students in KS4 which does incur a small fee but this provides students with a nationally recognised qualification. These students often support our primary school events as young leaders. Clubs that have been offered to date: Boys Rugby (All Years) Netball (All Years) Boys Fitness (KS4) Girls Fitness (KS4) Sports Leaders, Aesthetics club (KS3 includes both gymnastics and trampolining)

Students can see the club offers by looking at the displays in the PE office window which clearly displays posters about which clubs are running and by which member of staff. Students should also consult the window display to look for team sheets for fixtures. Our clubs are not just offered by PE staff but other teaching staff that have sports specialisms and external coaches to maximise our offer to students and enhance the quality of the clubs delivered. We also display a range of local clubs posters should your child be looking to take something up outside of school these include: Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Fencing and TaeKwonDo.


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