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Students typically study three courses and can choose from A Level, BTEC or Diploma qualifications. Those students with exceptional grades at GCSE, may decide through advice and support from the Sixth Form Team, to study four subjects. Students have 9 hours of lessons a fortnight and additional tasks and independent learning during study time.

All courses offered are Level 3 and can lead to university, further study, apprenticeship, or employment. A level, BTEC and Diploma qualifications differ in the entry requirements, course delivery and examination requirements. A summary can be found below, however more detail is available for individual courses on the ‘Subject Information’ page of the website.


A level courses

We offer a range of A level courses. Courses are predominantly exam based, with exams being taken at the end of Year 13. Some courses include a coursework element.

BTEC courses

A practical-based, vocational qualification which provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a subject. BTEC courses are made up of a number of separate modules and include practical assessments and coursework, as well as exams.


Combine theoretical research assignments with practical assessment, as well as exams.

GCSE retake options

Students who achieved a grade 3 or below in Maths and English are required to retake. We support students and offer opportunities to resit the exams in November and the summer.

Additional qualification

In addition to the core subject’s students have the opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) worth half an A Level and the Level 3 Sport Leadership Award worth 16 UCAS points.

Please note: All subject combinations allow students to go on to a variety of post-18 options, including university, apprenticeships and employment. Students with a specific post-18 career or course in mind are advised to carefully check entry requirements before selecting subject combinations.


Entry requirements

To ensure each pupil is on the most suitable Post-16 pathway students need to have secured the following:

  • 5 GCSE grades at grade 4 or above.

  • At least a grade 5/6 in the subject chosen at Post-16, or the same grade in a related subject where it has previously been studied at GCSE.

  • Demonstrated through previous education a positive approach to learning, including a positive attendance report.

As guidance, the table below outlines the grades achieved at GCSE and the learning pathway available to students.

GCSE Grades achieved Courses available
  •  5 GCSE grades at grade 4 or above


Core Maths

Criminology (Dip)

Health and Social Care

Computer Science BTEC


  • 5 GCSE grades at grade 4 or above.
  • Grade 5 in the subject chosen.

In addition to the above:





Science BTEC

Philosophy and Ethics



Business Studies




  • 5 GCSE grades at grade 5 or above.
  • Grade 6 in the subject chosen.

In addition to the above:







Please note: In exceptional circumstances one or more of the above criteria may be waivered at the discretion of the Director of Sixth Form.

Please note: There will be, as in most Sixth Forms, a minimum number of students for each teaching group. This means if there is insufficient demand some courses offered may not run.

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