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Alongside a student’s chosen Learning Pathway Teign Sixth Form College offers a wide variety of guidance, support and opportunities for students to secure academic success and develop wider personal skills.

Tutorial programme

Students attend tutorial three times a week with a dedicated and experienced tutor. Tutorial offers students the opportunity to seek support and guidance, develop study skills and consider wider global issues. Tutors know students well and through close monitoring of attendance and progress provide support and intervention when needed. Tutors ensure students are equipped with the knowledge and experience to select the right post-18 pathway. This relationship means many of our students go on to be successful in their future studies and careers. 

Independent Study

Students are set directed independent work from subject teachers, as well as additional tasks to further understanding.  Students are encouraged to complete 5 hours of independent study per subject per week. Four hours of supervised study is timetabled and takes place in our dedicated study centre supported by our Sixth Form assistant. In addition, students have additional planned study time which can be completed in a venue of their choice. Students are specifically taught the most effective and research-based revision strategies to ensure this time is effectively spent.  

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Enrichment programme

Students are offered a variety of opportunities, including independent cooking, DT projects, Sport and Fitness, Mental Health Ambassadors, Library Assistant, Classroom Support. Students are given a dedicated timetable lesson once a fortnight to complete their activity, however many students choose to continue beyond this time. Students are able to rotate their activity three times a year to develop skills in different areas.

Life Skills

Covering a range of topics including Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World, the fortnightly Life Skills lesson is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to support their next steps. Students benefit from visiting speakers, including career talks, university and apprenticeship representatives and speakers to support well-being. In addition, students attend the Learn-to Live Roadshow which develops knowledge and understanding of road safety.

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Post-18 Guidance

Students receive a range of guidance over the two years. We work closely with Next Steps South West, Universities, Apprenticeship providers and employers to ensure students are given advice and support around the different post-18 pathways. We take students to the UCAS convention, Apprenticeship show and visit Plymouth University where pupils benefit from a tour of the campus, post-18 guidance and a personal statement writing workshop. In addition, students are able to meet with our school careers advisor.


Students are encouraged to take leadership positions in the wider school community acting as role models to their peers and younger students. Positions include House Leader, Tutor Rep, Subject Rep and Learning Ambassador.

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