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The Bursary Fund is an allocated allowance for disadvantaged students identified by Department for Education criteria. Students will be supported financially to remove economic barriers to the learner.

It is not a compulsory fund and money will therefore be awarded on a discretionary basis using the Sixth Form College criteria.


Learner Eligibility

  • A learner aged under 19 on 31 August in the academic year in which he/she starts the programme of study funded by the Education Funding Agency, will be eligible to apply for a bursary.
  • Eligibility and the level of award is dependent upon the learner’s personal circumstances / level of household income.
  • The budget funding for bursaries is limited; learners who are eligible for support are not automatically entitled to discretionary bursaries.


How the tuition fund will be used at Teign Sixth Form College

  • Payments made to teaching academies or departments to cover particular course costs (e.g. sports kit)
  • Purchase of essential equipment on loan to the student for the duration of the course (e.g. text books, which should be returned at the end of study)
  • Travel costs may be considered upon application, such as a contribution towards bus/train fares and fuel. Fuel will not be paid as mileage, receipts must be provided for consideration.
  • One off payments/costs will be considered but only as a contribution of between 25% - 75% of the total cost. Students will need to be prepared to pay for or contribute towards the cost of these items before they are purchased.
  • To contribute to and support additional costs related to study programmes (e.g. towards the cost of excursions, materials, visits to University Open Days). Students will be required to provide receipts and complete a Bursary additional claim form. Reimbursement will be proportional, not in full.
  • Attendance is monitored regularly. In order to avoid any freeze on payments, students are expected to attend 95% or higher of their timetable. Lower attendance will jeopardise payments.
  • Satisfactory attendance is understood as meaning that no absence is unauthorised. A warning will be given and then a payment withheld in the event of unauthorised absence.

Discretionary bursary is never a guaranteed payment. All applications are considered and approved by a panel. Payment of all awards will be dependent upon satisfactory behaviour and attitudes as specified in the student agreement. Whole or part payment may be withheld if standards in this regard are not met

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