Summer School Funding 2021

Total funding received: £28,571.85

Teign School used the DFE summer school funding by investing in an external organisation to provide activities related to transition for all children in year 6 joining the school in September 2021. The programme was delivered by teachers and took place over the summer holidays. Pupils are provided with a smooth and extensive programme where they then arrive on their first day of school excited about the next chapter of their education, rather than feeling apprehensive about the journey ahead of them. 

The programme was both educational and fun with curiosity central, to inspire pupils to learn. The timetable was interactive, challenging and had clear outcomes. There was a clear focus on identifying the needs of each pupil and then working with them to maintain their literacy and numeracy levels so that gains in primary school were not lost in transition. 

The number of children in attendance at Teign School was ~175 out of a year 7 projected cohort of 210

The feedback from the activities included many positive comments from parents, carers and children including

‘Simon really enjoyed his Big Steps experience and thank you for all the care and energy you bring to this project.’


'We also wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thanks to all your staff  at the Big Step at Teign School last week.

Alice had a great time and her confidence grew throughout the week. This will no doubt help her as she starts in Year 7 in September.

Thank you for all that you have done to organise the programmes and well done for expanding to other schools this year.'

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