Staff List

Leadership Team

Headteacher, Safeguarding Team

Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher, SENCo, Safeguarding Team

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Headteacher’s PA/Personnel

Mrs S Wharf

Mr A Goodwin                                                                                                        

Mr M Bakewell

Mrs S Battershall

Mrs L Wagner

Mrs K Ray

Miss R Atkinson


House/Pastoral Teams

Head of Year 7

Head of Year 8

Head of Year 9

Head of Year 10

Head of Year 11

Director of Sixth Form

Director of Sixth Form

Mr N Cripps

Mr A Crispin

Mrs C Wheeler

Mr G Duke

Mr M Wagner

Mrs R Walker

Mrs M Wills


Teaching Staff


Mr N Johnson – Leader of Art

Mrs B Gillingwater

Mrs J Kay


Mrs F Roberts – Leader of BVC

Mrs K Evans

Mrs R Walker

Mrs L Wagner


Ms F Morrissey – Leader of English

Miss S Cantor – Assistant Department Leader

Ms S Ashman – Lead Practitioner

Mr M Bakewell

Mr D Bere

Miss E Davis

Mrs E Haimes

Mrs J Halse

Miss A Kent

Miss A Moses

Miss E Plant

Miss M Sims


Miss M Morgan – Leader of Geography

Mrs S Andrews

Mrs E Diamond


Mr T Lea – Leader of History

Mrs S Battershall

Miss T Brown

Mr M Sessions


Mr D Kussel – Leader of Maths

Mrs D Williams – Assistant Department Leader

Mrs F Cox

Mr G Duke

Mr A Griffiths

Mrs S Kussel

Mr M Jeffreys

Mrs M Powell

Mr D Soundy


Mr P Rose – Leader of MFL

Mrs M Dearden-Wayment – MFL Leader of Teaching & Learning

Ms C Akana

Mrs E Fox

Miss A Uttenweiler


Miss A Auton – Leader of PE

Miss M Betty

Mrs K Wylie

Mr A Crispin – Safeguarding Team

Mr T Mercy

Mr P Wylie

Performing Arts

Mrs F Churchill – Leader of Performing Arts

Mr C Churchill – Drama Teacher

Mrs H Epps – Head of Music


Mr M Sims – Leader of Science

Mrs S Cornish - Assistant Department Leader

Mrs L O’Connell – Assistant Department Leader

Mrs L Wookey - Assistant Department Leader

Mr N Cripps – Safeguarding Team

Miss H Ramadhar

Miss E Robinson

Mrs H Balfour

Mr A Williamson

Mrs S Wharf – Safeguarding Team

Mr R Vaas

Social Science

Mrs M Wills

Technology, Business & ICT

Mr C Mason – Leader of Technology

Mr A Goodwin – Business and ICT teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Stainer – Technology teacher

Mr M Wagner – Technology teacher

Mrs J Westgate

Mrs C Wheeler – ICT teacher





Assistant Headteacher, SENCo, Safeguarding Team

Assistant SENCo

Assistant SENCo (Admin)

Lead Learning Coach

Lead Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

Mrs S Battershall

Mrs E Dawe

Mrs L Jenkin 

Mrs J Howard

Mrs J Harvey

Mr F Benaziza

Mrs N Booth

Mrs T Fardon

Mrs E Furze

Mrs S Jones 

Mr R Levett 

Mrs T Platts

Mrs P Searle

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