Coaching and Volunteering / Leadership Academy

Coach, volunteer or lead at Teign school for any of the roles and events below. This academy will improve your communicational, leadership, organisation and management skills across a variety of fun and engaging activities.

To get involved see a member of the PE team for a CVA booklet to start logging your hours and getting certificates!


Volunteer for any of the roles below

  • Coach: plan creative sessions
  • Sports leader
  • Referee
  • Fixtures
  • Organise/ manage events and equipment
  • Nurture group Active health and wellbeing



  • KS1 to KS4 event
  • Primary school events
  • Lunch time and after school clubs
  • Inter house events
  • School fixture


Future development

  • Coaching and leading development Teign Certification
  • Referee Teign Certifications
  • Active in Mind Health and Wellbeing programme
  • Sports Leaders Level 1, 2 and Level 3 Qualifications



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