Students Virtually Meet Award Winning Children’s Author

9th December 2020

Teign School’s Year 8 & 9 book group had the pleasure of meeting award winning author Sita Brahmachari online for a virtual Q & A this December. The Year 8 and 9 students had read 2 of the 4 parts of her wonderful book ‘Where The River Runs Gold’ and had more questions than answers about the story and the characters at this point! Sita gave us a lovely insight into the inspiration for her stories, the writing process and showed us personal artefacts from the comfort of her own home using Teams software. The students felt that being given the rare opportunity of ‘meeting’ a published author was a really positive thing since most enrichment events are restricted due to Covid-19 at the moment. The students have created a display about this book and gathered the authors other books (available to loan) under the library’s ‘Empathy Tree’. This display aims to summarise the book so other students will be inspired to read it. We hope to meet Sita again in the future and we are delighted to hear she will be putting an account of the event on her author blog!

 “Our school is situated in sleepy Devon so I think we don’t witness issues of race and equality as much as schools sited in more urban settings. Having the Year 8 & 9 book groups working with Sita and this amazing story has allowed students to explore many topics that would not have been on their radars otherwise. We also discussed the book in terms of the UN Articles for the Rights of the Child which showed us how many Human Rights were violated in this thought provoking book (tying in with our Rights Respecting Schools agenda),” said Teign’s Librarian, Jo Halse

Here are some responses from the students: 

Year 9 Adriana:

“I just enjoyed speaking to her and hearing the answers to our questions. It was interesting to hear her take on the characters in the book for example. I liked the fact she engaged with us and used our names which was really sweet”.

Year 8 Jamie:

“This incredible author is just as brilliant as her books! I learned so much about morals, rights and nature all in just a few 100 pages. It brought great excitement to me to meet the author behind one of the best books of all time.”

Year 9 Zoe:

“Sita is a really awesome and inspirational person. It was interesting to hear about what she does to help people in real life”.

Year 8 George:

''Sita was so nice; really good fun and inspirational!''

 Year 9 Milly:

“The answers to the questions we asked were really detailed. Sita was really easy to talk to”.

Year 8 Charlie:

“’Where the river runs gold’ is not a book that I would normally go and read - but when I read it, it opened up a whole new set of books for me to read!”

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