Student Library Leaders (& well done to Ruby)!

30th September 2021

Year 9 student, Ruby, joins our wonderful group of 12 Student Librarians this month. She has completed a year of training and has now gained her badge, a certificate and a batch of epraise points for her voluntary work. From now on she will carry out duties assisting other students in the library with homework, finding books and with clubs. She will also work on the counter loaning out books to students.

We currently have around 15 students finishing off their training. As they complete training and become Student Librarians, we will take on a new batch of Library Apprentices after October half term. Thirty-one students have signed up to help in the library which is a lovely reflection of how much the children like to come to the library and their desire to become student leaders within our school community. Thank you to everyone who helps in the library and we look forward to working with the new recruits shortly.

Mrs Halse

Rm student librarian

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