It's not too late to join the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge!

16th November 2021

Your child is learning how to preserve the planet, will you go on this exciting adventure with your child?

Dear Parent,

I’m very excited to tell you that – through our school – our child is taking part in the “Wild Wisdom Global Challenge”, an amazing competition and learning experience that will help them understand climate change and what they can do to help preserve the planet.

As it is children who will be most affected, this is a hugely important issue for them, but one that – until now – was not often taught in schools.

The Challenge is led by the world’s foremost experts in nature and conservation – the WWF and Sir David Attenborough.

Based on the breath-taking content of Sir David’s “Our Planet” series and his film “A Life on Our Planet”, it provides a hugely fun, engaging and different introduction to climate change for students (aimed at those aged 10 - 15) – presented in a way they can understand.

It not only explains climate change, but also sets out the four specific positive actions that Sir David believes can help preserve the planet (and humanity):

This challenge will give your child the tools to: discover the truth, see there’s hope and take action.


Are you on board?

You can help too.

  • Ask your child about the challenge.
  • Talk about what action you can take together.
  • And watch the documentaries with them (if you don’t have Netflix, “A life on our planet” is free on YouTube).

Click here to download the WWGC Introduction


All students can join this global challenge and earn Teign School points on the WWGC leaderboards.

 So far, 3 members of Teign School is Green have achieved 290 points. The top school in the UK so far has 857 points, so actually, with a bit of help from some more students, we could be right up there!!   The final live challenge is the November 18th, after which the top 5% of schools from national leaderboards can enter two students each to progress to the International Final which will take place on the 2nd December.

Students can join in by clicking on the below link:


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